Dr. Vanessa R. Abernathy is a clinical psychologist based in North Carolina.
Dr. Vanessa R. Abernathy is a professional clinical psychologist based in North Carolina and California.


Dr. Abernathy was trained in community mental health and non-public school settings. She worked with adults, families and children. Her training and experience with children included work with those 3-5 yrs old with behavioral problems from trauma, abuse and neglect, those along the autism spectrum and those with problems with mood and or attention (ages 11-18). She has a strong foundation in developmental, cultural, spiritual and family dynamics. Her professional experience includes work in higher education, allowing her to work with a wide range of ages, cultures, identities, life transitions and treatment concerns/goals. She prefers to work with the family system when treating children as her intention is to support parents in providing the emotional and behavioral support on their own as she provides in her therapy office. In her current practice, she works with adults, couples, families and children.

Professional Experience

University of NC Greensboro 2014-2017: Staff Psychologist, Outreach Coordinator
University of Southern California 2010-2013: Per Diem Psychologist, Adjunct Professor
Student Counseling Services
Per Diem Psychologist
And School of Education, Adjunct Professor in Master’s of Family Therapy graduate program


B.A. in English Education, North Carolina Central University
M.Div. in Theology, Duke University, The Divinity School
M.A. and Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Psychology